If you are in the Botox scene like me you might hear a lot of new terms such as “Brotox” (Botox for guys” and “No-tox” a new term that has been popping up lately.

In short, Notox is a new term being used by mothers who are either pregnant or breastfeeding who can’t use Botox (due to it’s toxicity) that use non-toxic alternatives to Botox during this time.

Most of the time this is simply a cream or a treatment applied to the face.

No-tox became popularized when Kim Kardashian first had her newborn “North” and rumors flew around that she breastfed while getting Botox.

To be sure, there are lots of options out there: I tried and liked Beetox, (bee venom), Pre-tox, (Peptide gel), Dr Nabet’s L.Boxin (natural enzymes), and Endocare (snail secretions). All good choices and worth exploring.

There are a ton of other No-tox options out there, including:

  • Bee Tox (Bee Venon)
  • Dr Nabet’s L.Boxin (enzymes)
  • Pre-Tox  (Peptide Gel)
  • Endocare (snail crap)
  • Madonna uses ‘Meredith’s oxygen facials

Celebs such as Gwyneth Paltrow and Madonna have visited the Linda Meredith Clinic for the famous “Meredith Oxygen Facial.”  This new age facial contains neuro-peptides and algae which attach themselves to the muscles that have protein.  This causes the skin to cease contraction and basically “stop.”

Then there is another phrase that is circulating such as “baby botox.”

And Baby Botox?

Baby Botox simply refers to getting Botox in much smaller quantities.  A normal treatment of Botox might include 70-100 units per treatment while Baby Botox could be less than 20 units.

This new “treatment” is becoming much more popular amongst pregnant women and women who brestfeed that are scared to pass off the toxic poison to their children.

“I’ll just do a little heroin”

Is what comes to mind when I hear this.

Any doctor in their right mind would make sure that they do not inject a breastfeeding or pregnant mother with Botox.  We don’t know enough about it to be experimenting at this point, and who knows what could happen.

These mothers care more about their looks than they do about the safety of their children, it is disgusting in my opinion.

There is no doubt that having a baby can severly impact your body and face.

I am sure the temptation is there to get Botox, but it just should not be an option.

Kind of like cigarettes, ya know?

The new Notox product that everyone is talking about is VTOX which is made by the same Linda Meredith that does facials for Madonna we spoke about earlier.  Tons of other celebs are also customers.

This is another “no-tox” option which is basically just an oxygen facial that also uses steam and hydration.

It’s a crazy ass facial in other words.

TLDR – don’t poison yourself while pregnant, use other options