Let’s talk about Botox

Many people, especially those who are not in young age brackets, tend to get wrinkles in their face caused mostly by stress and constant facial expression movement.  These wrinkles and lines are aesthetically frowned upon, no pun intended, by society.

Thus, many people look for an effective and affordable proven method of treating these aesthetic issues.  Consumers for a long time have found the results they have been looking for in Botox injections! For more info check out our frequently asked questions about Botox page.

Botox is actually a toxin that is produced by a bacteria by the name of Clostridium Botulinum.  This toxin can have many adverse effects such as being a cause of botulism.  However, scientists have found a positive use for the bacteria that is completely harmless, and that use is Botox injections.  Very minimal amounts of this bacteria is injected into the facial area of the patient being treated, specifically it is injected into muscles.  The effects of these injections that cause the results being sought is to make the muscles weaker.  Nerves and muscles send signals to each other, and the Botox injections block these signals.  Once injected, the muscle is no longer able to contract.  Thus there is a softening and relaxation of the wrinkles that once caused the problem that had negative aesthetic symptoms.

Botox is an extremely simple procedure to perform, and treatment can be done in about fifteen minutes.  It is minimally invasive and requires no sedation of any type like other invasive facial procedures that treat similar issues.  Once the Botox injection is completed, there is a waiting period of between three and seven days until results can be noticed in the area that was injected.  Furthermore, the results of Botox injections can last around four to six months, thus repeat and troublesome trips to the doctor are not required.

As far as side effects are concerned, Botox side effects are very rare; and when present, these side effects are minimally troublesome.  The most noticed and frequent side effect associated with Botox is temporary bruising.  Furthermore, headaches have been found to sometimes occur with Botox injections.  These headaches can last anywhere between twenty four and forty eight hours.  However, these headaches are extremely rare.  Eyelid drooping is another extremely rare side effect of Botox, however when it does occur it only is found to last three weeks at the maximum.  Lastly, patients are advised not to rub the area that was treated for twelve hour after the injection.  Also, patients are not advised to lay down for four hours after treatment is completed.

Botox prices are not standardized throughout the world, and vary from doctor to doctor.  One of the major factors that influences prices, among others, is the location where the treatment is performed.  The most important thing to consider when choosing a doctor is to make sure that the doctor is board certified.  If you have wrinkles or facial lines you are troubled with, we urge you to contact our office in order to learn more about how Botox injections can be an affordable and effective solution to your problem.

PDF: Download Botox Cosmetic Prescribing Information Pamphlet
PDF: Download Reconstitution and Dilution Procedures for Botox
PDF: Download FDA Medication Guide for Botox