Dysport is a more advanced version of Botox. Dysport is fully FDA approved and is able to fully smooth out fine lines and wrinkles just like Botox but it has a few features in addition to:

  • It provides a much softer look
  • It can be used by those who are allergic to Botox
  • Works faster
  • You are much less likely to develop a resistance to Dysport than other facial fillers
  • If you have had resistance to Botox, Dysport may work better
  • Conclusive results have shown Dysport to last longer

FDA trials of Dysport have been underway since early 2000, and there have been no adverse reactions to this prescription meidcation to date.  It has now been approved in almost 25 countries throughout the world for the treatment of wrinkles.  Dysport is completely safe however the dosage requirements are completely different.  Always consutl your PCP (primary care physician) before undergoing any sort of treatment that involves a prescription medication.

For more information, check out the Dysport homepage to read up on all of the latest Dysport information.

Before and After Photos

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