Last Updated: September 2019

I’d like to preface this by saying a few things. First off, I’m not a doctor. I’m not even a nurse, I am just a nosy blogger.

Second, this is a list that I’ve personally curated over the last 5 years.  I eliminated a lot of the “Botox for X spasm” because Botox basically treats every type of twitch / spasm  or involuntary muscle movement you can think of.

Lastly, take this FWIW. Some of these were approved clinical trials other of these uses for Botox were just crazy Boca doctors that wanted to use Botox for their own personal gain.

You’ve been warned!

Uses for Botox

Wrinkles Most likely the most common use, Botox for wrinkles
Migraine / Headaches People have been getting Botox for migraines for years now including a story recently about a Boca Raton woman.
Excessive Sweating / Hyperhidrosis One of the first uses for Botox other than wrinkles, Botox can help reduce sweating.
Overreactive bladder / Urinary Incontinence Another very common use for Botox, it can help an over-reactive bladder.
Multiple sclerosis Not a lot of talk about this one, but we have heard reports.
Diffuse esophageal spasm  Don’t even know how to describe this, read yourself.
Bell’s Palsy or “sudden weakness in muscles in one half of the face.” Botox can help even this out.
Crossed Eyes / Lazy Eye We just heard about this recently, it can help balance out the eye that is causing issues.
Breast Reconstruction after Breast Cancer  Botox has been shown to reduce surgery pain in this case.
Essential Tremor Botox is able to help with many tremors or twitches.
 Cleft lip repair There have been a number of clinical trials with Botox for people with a cleft lip.
Scalp Sweating Somewhat different than normal sweating, this type of Botox treatment is geared towards women that want to keep their blowouts longer.
Quit Smoking One doctor used Botox to numb the upper lip so that patients cannot take a “drag” from ones cigarette.
Teeth Grinding Yet another use for Botox.
Cerebral Palsy One story in particular where Botox helped a 3 year old boy walk.
Surgery Prevention A little obvious, but Botox can be an alternative to surgeries such as face lifts etc.
Acne We’ve seen cases where Botox was used to help acne.
Cervical dystonia A painful condition causing your neck to spasm, Botox has been shown to help this condition.
Depression This is more of a psychological side effect, but Botox has been shown to reduce depression.
Torticolis Similar to cervical dystonia, this condition is when the head turns to one side causing muscle spasms.
Weight Loss Remember this one from “The Doctor’s” TV show where they said you could inject Botox directly into the stomach?
Drooling In some cases Botox can help people with drooling issues.
Dystonia Botox is able to help with many spasms or twitches.
 Psoriasis Botox has been shown to decrease psoriasis.
Gummy Smile The New York Times wrote about Botox as a treatment for a gummy smile.
 Interstitial Cystitis Also known as “painful bladder syndrome” Botox can help relieve some of this pressure.
Jaw Clenching Botox can help many types of disorders that causes tension or clenching of the muscles.
Arthritis Botox has been shown to help people with arthritis.
Rosacea Yet another common ailment that Botox can help with.
TNJ Many people receive Botox treatments for TNJ.
Vulvodynia Botox can help reduce pain in the vulva.
Vaginismus  Botox can also help reduce spasms of the vagina.
Leg Length Inequality Taken from a government clinical trial in 2008.
Dysfunctional Voiding In children usually, the term means they do not empty their bladder normally.
Blepharospasm Otherwise known as involuntary closing of the eyelids. Botox has dedicated an entire page to this.
Upper Limb Spacity Helps reduce the stiffness in the elbow, wrist or fingers caused by upper limb spacity.
Flexion Contracture This is caused following a total knee replacement. Botox can help with this.
Peyronie’s Disease A condition where a hard lump forms on the penis. A clinical trial was done to help reduce this.
Bunions You can watch this video where they inject Botox into a bunion to help reduce it.
Localized Provoked Vulvodynia Read for yourself, I don’t even know.
Parkinson’s Disease  Botox is said to help some side effects of Parkinson’s Disease.
Skin Aging By reducing wrinkles it is said that Botox can help reduce skin aging.
Hemiplegia Or basically being paralyzed on one side of the body. Botox can treat people with Hemiplegia.
Alopecia(hair loss) Some doctors think Botox may be a cure for hair loss. Read for yourself.
Raynaud’s Syndrome I actually have this disorder, it makes your hands numb / purple. Apparently Botox helps this.
Spasms We could have listed about 100 more “conditions” which Botox helps for that are basically various different spasms. Botox helps with spasms.
TMJ Used to treat jaw tension, headaches due to teeth grinding, and lockjaw in severe cases of TMJ