Over the years we’ve heard far too many people with concerns that they are getting diluted Botox. It could be the fact that it wears off too quick, or that they don’t “feel” the right results. Regardless of the reasons, we wanted to look into this ourselves to get some answers:

First off: How do doctors prepare Botox?

Botox gets shipped directly from Allergan (the company that makes Botox) in a dry powder. From there it is mixed with a saline solution inside a vial that usually measures out to about 100 units.

botox dilution process

Now here is the kicker: the doctor has complete discretion on how much saline solution to mix with the Botox powder. The normal standard is about 3cc but it is really up to the preference of the doctor.

From this point, you can see that all Botox is diluted, it is just a matter of how much.

Some doctors for instance use a heavier concentrate around larger and more dense muscles. The glabella (between your eyebrows) is one example of this. In weaker muscles such as around the eyes doctors normally use less Botox.

The doctor might start out with 20 units of Botox, but use more saline solution throughout the procedure to dilute the Botox.


  • Patient 1 – Gets 10 units of Botox in 1 syringe between her eyebrows.
  • Patient 2 – Gets 10 units of Botox in 2 syringes between her eyebrows and around eyes.

Both paid the same amount for Botox but one is getting a more concentrated solution.

The bottom line is, if you get Botox that is very dilute you will need to come back more often, and you might even need to come to the office for a “follow up” if your muscles are not properly frozen after the first visit.

Most of the time when you go in for a Botox injection, the Botox is already prepared in pre-made syringes so you really have no idea how much Botox is in there.

Many doctors of med-spas, particularly Botox doctors in Boca Raton will sell Botox by the unit. In this case who knows what you are getting.

How to prevent getting screwed on Botox injections

The only real way to prevent getting screwed is to be up front with your doctor. Tell him or her that you want to see exactly how much they are mixing. This might be somewhat of an uncomfortable conversation but if you want the real stuff, it is a conversation you are going to have.

If the doctor gets defensive or doesn’t want to do it, I’d walk out of there.

Botox injections are a business much like any other business. It is an elective procedure so in my opinion it is just like getting laser hair removal or other procedures. The doctors are there to make money.