Sometimes, when people go under the knife, it is for legitimate reasons. I have always been the believer that if you are constantly self conscious about a certain aspect of your body, get it fixed when you reach an appropriate age. However, some people take going under the knife to a whole new level and just make the whole concept of plastic surgery a joke.

Botox To Stay Young

Moss through her surgical years. Right, 2013.

In London, there is a woman who constantly puts herself under the knife in order to keep herself looking good for the young men that she is attracted to. This pretty much falls under the fetish category, in terms cougars and cubs. Patricia Moss has undergone enough procedures to be the 60-year old Heidi Montag, with having the standard breast implants, liposuction, cheek implants, Botox, and a tummy tuck all under her belt. She recently opened up to a British magazine in which she explained that dating young men keeps her feeling young and that she just is not attracted to men with beer bellies who have let themselves go.

Honestly? There is not some solid age in which all men get a beer belly and just lose all physical motivation. Countless men care about their fitness and looking good throughout their entire life, so maybe Moss just is not looking hard enough, or maybe she just does not want to sound shallow, even though, no one knows how she could possibly manage that. She has dated men younger than her daughters and recalls one young man who had come up to her right after her breast augmentation and complemented her about how much he “loved” her “boobs.” Now, I might not be a dating pro, but it sure does sound like Moss has her priorities straight.