We’re excited any time a new facial filler comes on the market. Belotero® is a great new filler that has been used across the pond for a number of years now, and has now been approved by the FDA for use in the United States. One of the biggest plusses about Belotero® is that it can be used for smaller or “fine lines” without the risk of bubbles or lumps that sometimes occur with similar agents. The problem with other treatments is that the skin in these areas are too thin, and the agents that are being used are too dense, that can cause bubbles under the skin which produces an undesired effect.

Belotero® is in the same category as Juvederm and is naturally found in the human body. Belotero® was created due to the fact that normal lines above the lip cannot be acutely treated with treatments such as Restylane and Juvederm. Studies and treatments have proven to cause lumps in the lip, which is not a desired effect. Belotero® is now being used for all fine lines in the face, including the lines around the face, upper lip, and eyes.

Belatero works differently than drugs in similar categories such as Sculptra. Belatero is actually a hyaluronic acid which is classified as a filler. This works by going under the fine lines in the face, which fills in the lines wherever injected.

We are very excited to see another treatment come on to the market, particularly one that is not a replacement for an existing treatment, but a new solution for a common problem.
Here is Dr Steve Weiner demonstrating the use of Belotero for fine lines caused by smoking.