One of the great things about Botox, is that it not only makes you look better but research is now showing that it can make you LOOK better as well.

When the FDA approved Botox for the treatment of migraines in adults, it gave thousands of people who are suffering from this illness all over the world some much needed relief.  Research has shown that regular treatment of Botox can significantly reduce migraines and the headaches that go along with them

“Botox is FDA-approved for patients with intractable migraine, who suffer at least 15 headache days per month, and who typically have failed other medical treatment,” said Dr. Richard Newman, a board-certified neurologist with First Choice Medical Group in Melbourne.

“It is administered by injection into different areas of the scalp and neck, typically every three to four months.”

Botox was initially created in the early 90s to treat facial muscle disorders, and it was only later discovered that it had a side effect that people loved: reduction of age lines.

Right now treatment of migraines is very uncomfortable and cumbersome.   Most migraine treatments involve taking tons of medication, (sometimes addictive) as well as other medication that is sometimes used for seizures and other drugs not intended specifically for migraines.

Whatever the case may be, Botox can help migraines and it is here to stay.  Talk to your doctor about treatment options.