There is a real shady practice going down lately that is making us all sick to our stomachs.

What is happening, is clinics are advertising “99 dollars per area” and drawing all sorts of people into the clinic.  People think to themselves, “I’ll just get my forehead done, thats only one area.”


They suck you in and just like a free time share lunch, there is always more to it.

These places are considering the forehead up to 5 areas – which gives them the ability to charge EVEN MORE then the high end Botox clinics.

Whats worse, is these places are also known for using fake Botox, as the FDA reported on earlier in the week.  Doctors are also able to dilute Botox however they see fit.  Different dilutions can vary from 1ml up to 4ml of saline solution. What does this mean?

Well – if one doctor dilutes 40 units with 1ml of saline and another doctor dilutes 40ml with 4 ml of saline, which do you think will be more potent?

In the medical field, there is no such thing as “one area.” The only way to dispense Botox is per unit.  Any time people start talking about charging by this or that, run away.  Always ask the total number of units that you are getting and always ask where the Botox came from.  If you sense shadiness, ask for proof.  IF they act insulted, call the cops!

We all have to stick together and push out these scam doctors.

There are still good doctors everywhere in LA looking to provide quality Botox treatment.