Over the last few months, we’ve talked about the amazing wonders of  Botox, and all of the new uses for it.

I’m sure it was only a matter of time before someone released a study about how it is dangerous.

Listen, a kitten can be dangerous if taken out of context, don’t get worried people.

The bottom line in this new study is that botulinum is a tox that causes food poison, and is also the active ingredient in Botox.

Whats now being talked about according to Harvard Medical School is that there are 7 major types of botulinum.  Right now the first types (A & B) are FDA approved by the other types are being researched as well.  Apparently all 7 types are not safe for cosmetic use.

The Harvard research study was recently publicized in “Nature Communications,” and highlights several of these types that could cause “degeneration of rodent neurons and human motor neurons.”

“Botulinum toxins are not expected to cause death of neurons if they just block signals between neurons and muscles, which is the well-established mode of action for this class of toxins,” said Min Dong, HMS independent instructor in the Department of Microbiology and Immunobiology and the Division of Neuroscience at the New England Primate Research Center, and senior author of the paper. “It has been observed since as early as the 1980s that neurons die after exposure to type C toxin. The mechanism remains a mystery, but it raises a red flag as to whether botulinum toxins may affect additional neuronal functions.” a recent quote from “Nature Communications”

The study concludes that “Botox is safe in general, but could cause the death of neurons when we introduce mutations in SNAP-25 in our experiments. Whether this can occur in rare cases in patients needs to be studied further.”

I really would not worry about any of this if you are a cosmetic patient of Botox.  If the FDA got even the slightest notion that it is not safe for cosmetic use, they’d yank it off the market faster than you could say “Botulinum”