Botox is now the go-to treatment for millions of women across the world. Now research is showing that women (and men) can become immune to injections of Botox over time.

Botox is actually a chemical that is found naturally in the body.  Researchers are saying that Botox is failing to “freeze” the muscles in the face as well as it did before, and for as long as it used to.  There are a number of women that are starting to develop antibodies to Botox which is causing it to stop working!

The Journal of Neural Transmission recently found that 1/200 Botox patients started to develop antibodies, making Botox less effective over time.

And why wouldn’t it?  The body sees it as poison and is attempting to get rid of it!

More and more patients are needing larger doses.

But the main problem isn’t only for Botox Mon’s in Los Angeles wanting to look better.  The problem is for Cerebral Palsy patients who need Botox in order to walk!  Or the patients that need Botox for urinary incontinence.

There is a number of other research that is showing that the injections can trigger an immune system response, which could lead to a non-response to treatment over time.

There are a number of Doctors and specialists in Los Angeles and Hollywood who are beginning to notice that it is taking more Botox to achieve the same desired results as it did before.

Other specialists are reporting that some patients are receiving the wrong results, which could render it useless.

This is all very similar to the way alcoholics become immune to alcohol over a period of time, they need more and more alcohol to achieve the same effects.

This really does not pose a major problem right now, but in 10 years this could be really bad new for a lot of Los Angeles patients who want a constant flow of Botox.

Only time, and research will tell what is going to happen.  Until then the best thing to do is wait as long as possible between doses, and don’t over do it!