Ok Face Yoga – this is the new thing for women in Los Angeles right now, I guess.

Supposedly Gwyneth and Jen Aniston are using it as their secret weapon (a long with a TON of Botox) in looking younger. (who knows)

Here is the deal on how to use Face Yoga:

1. Pretend you are at a sleepover with your friends and make the silliest faces you can think of.

2. Repeat

Thats about it.

The theory?

Well, the theory behind this is that by moving and holding the position of these crazy faces your muscles will strengthen, cuasing the wrinkles in your face to soften over time.

I’m not buying it.

If anything, I think it will make it worse.

For me, I started noticing my wrinkles when I started spending more time on the computer.

I first noticed when I was squinting all day long and noticed the “11s” lines between my forehead.

Our verdict on Face Yoga: do what makes you feel good, but if you really want to get rid of wrinkles, get Botox.

face yoga