Wow!  We are amazing with all the new and amazing ways that Botox is being used!

According to a recent news report, a plastic surgeon in Europe was able to use Botox on a severe burn victim who was complaining of severe itching.  Dr Ourion of Los Angeles is raving about this amazing use of Botox.

“It truly is amazing the number of uses that have been found for Botox,” says Dr. Ourian, Botox expert from Los Angeles. “I have to applaud the U.K. physician that made the connection between the burn victim’s symptoms and the properties of Botox. He put that information together and was able to effect a remarkable outcome.”Per the report this young woman was burned severely in an accident that required advanced skin grafts to be used on her face & hands.  Like other burn victims, she started to complain of severe itching (ever had a really bad sunburn? multiply that by a thousand).  This is caused by the harm done to the glands under the skin that produces your bodies natural oils that keep it from itching.“More than 50 burn patients are now reported to have treated with Botox,” says Dr. Ourian. “I look forward to see the results of the trials that are planned to further test the treatment.”Botox Los Angeles would like to commend this physician for their courage and intellect in performing this procedure.  This is one small step towards a more immediate cure in the healing of burn victims.We salute you!