Here in LA, we are seeing a shocking number of men and women in their early 20’s (and late teens) coming in for Botox. Some say it is due to the vain nature of Los Angeles, others are reporting that it is because more and more folks in their 20s are stressed from work, relationships, and social interactions.

According toe the American Society of Plastic Surgery, Botox usage amongst this demographic is up by almost 15% this year. While this may sound frightening to some people, to them – its just a part of living in LA.

Marsha Kelly, of Beverly Hills reports, “I’ve been getting Botox since I was 22 – I started noticing that I was getting wrinkles and was getting mistaken for 30 and up…I’m a single, professional woman and I care about my appearance.  I feel as though I am unfairly judged due to my age.”

And she has a point – Botox is meant to help you look better.  Excluding a person from getting Botox due to their age is a form of ageism,  and people should be able to get any procedure they want.

But there is a catch.

Getting Botox at a younger age will create an emotional, psychological, and even physical dependence on Botox.  Once you start, it is hard to stop.  For instance – upon your first series of injections – if you don’t keep up with them after a period of time, all of a sudden you will appear older.  Getting used to looking young and fresh is a very euphoric experience.  Gaining 5 years in a few months once it starts to wear off is something else.

Regardless of age – Botox and similar procedures are here to stay.

Here are a  few Relevant Botox Statistics:

The average number of months Botox lasts is about 4 months.
The national average of a Botox patient is 45

30 minutes is the average procedure length for Botox.

90% of all people see an improvement within 4 days of having Botox done (in Los Angeles)

Total Number of Patients Nationwide    2.95 Million

The average price a person pays for Botox is $400.

Botox was approved by the FDA in 2002.

Botox has taken in $1.5 billion dollars in revenue