Word has been spreading around Boca Raton by way of NYC med spas that women are now requesting scalp Botox to stop sweating and extend their blowouts.

This might sound a bit crazy at first, but I managed to get the opinion of a doctor friend of mine who was able to answer some of my questions.

For starters, how much does scalp Botox cost, how exactly does it work and how often do I need to get it done?

Apparently the need for this service started when a patient asked for it. An unknown woman who already was having injectiosn of Botox for sweating in her underarm, thought it might be a good idea to get injections in her scalp to stop “head sweating.”

Me personally, I don’t want any toxin that close to my brain, not thank you. This is a hot item in NYC right now and is blowing up in a few offices and from what I hear already over 100 women have had this done.

The main demographic for this are “barre addicts” and other exercise-aholics who tend to sweat a bit more than others.

These women spend an hour in spin or barre class with a fresh blowout and want to preserve the look a bit longer rather than having to go back to the salon again.  I did a little digging on this and the only thing I could find on the web was some doctor that tried injecting Botox in the scalp for hair loss.

Botox is already FDA approved for treating hyperhidrosis aka Botox for sweating so it is perfectly ok and legal to do.

Now the kicker. Typically the average forehead Botox treatment you will get 10-20 maybe 30 injections. For the scalp it will take up to 200 shots of Botox in order to stop the sweating.

That seems a little insane for me, I just don’t know about this. So far most people that get it seem thrilled, and the effects somehow last longer up to 1 year.

Average cost is $1000-$1500 per person per scalp. If it is worth it for you to get 200 injections in your scalp for $1500 to help extend the life of your blowout by a day or two, by all means.

If anyone knows of other doctors in the area that might be doing this please let me know, I’d like to get a list going of doctors who provide this. Thank you!