I recently heard that Botox could help with straightening crossed eyes out while watching “the Doctors” on TV the other day. Luckily I was able to find the video online and get the scoop on what they had to say.

They eye itself has 6 muscles that control eye movement. Normally when it is working right, the eyes will work right. When one of them is over or under active, one eye is out of line or “crossed.” It will send the wrong signal to the brain. Over time the brain will get confused and cause permanent vision problems.

botox for crossed eyes

Lazy eye is another similar phenomenon that Botox can help with. Lazy eye and crossed eyes both happen from muscles in the eyes either being over activated or under activated.

Now some people are saying Botox is a treatment option for this. This is a really important issues. Essentially Botox will interfere with the way the eye muscle will work. So doctors will essentially inject Botox into one of the “stronger” eye muscles that are causing the over activation of the eye.

It has been used in kids with very crossed eyes, mainly with kids that have eyes so crossed it is very obvious. There are only a small % of
The amount of Botox being used is a very small amount compared with using Botox in the forehead for instance.

botox for crossed eyes eye

The results will last much longer and may even be permanent fixes in some cases.

In general eye muscle surgery is the best way to approach people with crossed or lazy eye. Right now I am unaware of any doctors in the Boca Raton area that are doing this type of Botox, but I also haven’t asked anyone either.

This is not something you would ask your neighborhood Boca Botox doctor for, it is definitely something you would go see an eye specialist for.