What is botox? Botox is the brand name for a purified protein that has been produced by Clostridium botulinum bacteria. This protein is then used to paralyze muscles in the face so they can’t contract. This in turn reduces the current set of wrinkles. Cheaper than undergoing a face-lift surgery, botox is non-invasive and requires very little recovery time. This leaves you free to continue your day as you please, following your visit to the dermatologist. Keep in mind that botox is most effective on wrinkles that have not had a chance to set in, and you may require multiple treatments to reduce stubborn set-in wrinkles. Botox has also been shown to be effective in treating some instances of migraine headaches.

You’ve heard the horror stories of bad botox injections being administered by unqualified amateurs looking to make a quick buck. Wouldn’t it be nice if someone took all the guess-work out of finding a qualified professional for you?
We’ve compiled a list of some of the best botox-administering docs in the Los Angeles area. Now you can put your mind at ease and get that botox injection you’ve always wanted.

Your Laser Skin Care is first on our list and offers a wide variety of services, being performed by board-certified dermatologists. Using only the finest quality products, YLSC provides top-notch service at extremely reasonable prices. They also offer botox injections specifically targeted to eliminate underarm and foot sweating.

Second on our list is Skin Specifics Medical Spa in West LA. Skin Specifics’ staff is highly trained in administering botox and aims to ensure that you are provided with a quality injection that leaves you looking natural, not just frozen.

Dr. Rebecca Fitzgerald made our list as well. A licensed dermatologist, Dr. Fitzgerald is a member of the American Board of Dermatology, AAD, ASDS, and is presently a member of the clinical staff at UCLA. She is also one of Allergan’s top experts in Botox use.

Edmund Fisher is a board-certified facial and reconstructive surgeon. He is committed to helping you put your best face forward and offers a wide range of services from cosmetic surgery to botox injections. Dr. Fisher understands that having any cosmetic procedure done is a big decision that should not be taken lightly.

Finally, we conclude our list with Dr. Sarvenaz Mobasser. Dr. Mobasser specializes in all areas of dermatology and is known for providing friendly, personalized care to each and every patient. Dr. Mobasser’sdecision to use only the most current technology within her practice ensures that her patients receive only the best care for their money.

Choosing a qualified specialist is just as important, if not more than the procedure itself. Ultimately, you want to be sure that the person you choose is attentive to your needs and has your health and well being in mind.