Late last week, we reported about a news story that was about to go live about a Reno NV woman who was accused of doing Botox in her home!

The story has since go live, and we have all the details.

Apparently there have been a number of complaints that were filed over the past few months for the same woman shooting up friends and associates with Botox.  Residents of Reno and beyond came to the news station to report this.  Her name: Sandra Bledsoe (Bledsoe, kind of sounds like a bleeding Botox blister?) Her real name is actually Sandra Rennert.  Why she would use that alias is beyond me.

The investigators texted Sandra for “an appointment” to meet in her home where she offered to perform Botox on the news station producer!

She stated in her text message: “Let’s schedule…Anyone else you’ll pay double for”.

What she doesn’t know is she is about to pay the ultimate cost.

Once the undercover team went inside this Botox Brothel, they uncovered the shocking truth.

Sandra proceeded to show the producers the needle, along with all of her equipment.  She stated that she performs these treatments in her home all the time, and “on everyone in town.”

According to the Sate of Nevada, anyone who is injecting Botox without a license is breaking the law.  Being that this is outside of their jurisdiction, it is up to the police to arrest her.

Sandra has been arrested before in Las Vegas, and admitted to the fact that what she is doing is illegal however continues to do it anyway.

The real danger is what would happen if something went wrong.

If you are getting Botox in someones home and something went wrong, is their life support? Do they know CPR?  Do they know what to do if you have an allergic reaction?  Infection precautions?

None of this is being done in anyone’s home, and surely not Sandra’s.

As of this date, no arrests have been made and Sandra is still at large.