Jean D. Carruthers, M.D. works at the Department of Ophthalmology as a Clinical Professor in BC, Vancouver where she specializes in cosmetic related surgery.  Dr Carruthers and her husband Dr Alastair Carruthers were the  founding pioneers of Botox that has now become the most popular and the most commonly performed cosmetic procedure in the world.  Dr Carruthers has given over 200 talks throughout the world on various topics relating to cosmetics and has been published in hundreds of scientific journals.  Dr Carruthers was recently given a prestigious award by the AAD or American Academy of Dermatology, the Eugene Van Scott Award for Innovation as well as the Philip Frost leadership Award.

Even in 2013, Botox remains a controversial topic, and has spent the majority of her career trying to convince her colleageus that it is not only a vanity drug, but a miracle drug as well (known for its ability to help Cerebral Palsy, Migraines, and headaches.)

Dr Carruthers recently gave a TED talk on this topic, that has now been viewed by over 19,000 people in dozens of different countries.