While it isn’t often talked about, Botox can work wonders for urinary incontinence.  Urinary incontinence is basically the inability for someone to control the flow of urine.  It basically helps you control your “on-off” valve.

There are a number of situations where medications and other therapy are unable to help this.  When this happens, a surgeon will actually perform a short procedure with Botox.

What happens, is the surgeon will use a small scope to look inside the bladder.  They will then inject up to 300 units of Botox into the bladder wall.  This takes about a half hour and is not very painful, considering you are under anesthesia when this happens.

It takes about a week to see if this works, but the results are usually great.  Like other treatments for sweating, cerebral palsy, and migraines – multiple and ongoing treatments are necessary in order to help.

We’d like to know if this would actually help train the bladder to help control the flow of urine after time?


[box type=”download”] The University of Michigan Department of Urology wrote an informational document on this, and can be downloaded here.[/box]