And how long does Botox really last?

Today I am here to present some unfortunate news: Botox will only last about 3-6 months, sometimes less sometimes more.

For example, lets say I go to any old Boca Botox doctor today and have him or her do 3 areas on my fresh face. Within about a week ideally I will be frozen, wrinkle free and happy.

But around months 2-3 something will start to happen. The frozenness will start to wear off. Gradually I will be able to move the muscles in my face more and more, and the wrinkles will reappear.

How often should I go back for Botox?

My non-professional non-medical advice is to go back about 2-3 weeks after your face starts moving.

The thing about Botox is if you go back every few months, you don’t have to spend nearly as much money as you did the first time because it won’t take as much Botox to “freeze” the muscles.

Botox works better with repetition #fact

Since Botox weakens your muscles, the more you get it the weaker your muscles get over time. First time users will generally notice that the Botox will wear off a little quicker, but I’ve spoken with so many people that say the more they get it, the better it gets.

If it only lasts a month or so #scam

You’ve probably been duped. Seriously. The thing about Botox, is after you’ve had it done 4-5 times, you start to get a feel for how it works for you. For instance lets say you go for Botox in Boca to the same doctor for a few years. You go 4x per year and it wears off like clockwork. They one day you see a special for whatever and you decided to use a new doctor. If the Botox wears off quickly you know that that doctor diluted the Botox most likely with water.