I was reading this article in New Beauty magazine the other day and ran across this “study” they were doing. Let me just say, I was less than impressed. The doctor was legit and definitely knew her stuff, but this Botox before and after ordeal was not very impressive.

botox doctor

First off these ladies are pretty much supermodels. I mean, who even looks like this? They are all skinny, have flawless skins and I mean, they hardly have any wrinkles to begin with.

botox virgins

Hello? Do you see any wrinkles?

botox before after

So they inject the Botox la-dee-dah on all 3 women.

botox injections

botox injections forehead

Once finished they do “the big release.” This is the part where you are supposed to be really amazed by the results.

The background is a different color, the lighting is different, but no difference in skin. If anything, her teeth look whiter before the Botox.

botox before after

Same here, no bueno.

botox before after

Same with this woman, nothing. Maybe a little around the crows feet but nah.

botox before after

Maybe if they actually showed them frowning or with their eyebrows raised before and after I’d be impressed. But I call BOGUS on this one.