In the near future, people from Los Angeles county and beyond who are injecting Botox without any training will be fined or possibly jailed for practicing without proper certifications.

For the past 10 years, (or more) we’ve been seeing a number of new clinics and physicians with Botox practices popping up throughout the US and the UK.  It’s really been giving our industry a bad name, not only because of the bad press its been giving us – but because of the bad Botox as well!

As many of our readers already know, bad Botox can cause swelling, bruising of the face, or even blindness if not done properly.  Hopefully this new crackdown will eliminate all of the aestheticians doing Botox from their garage (and offices).

The NHS is in the process of reviewing the current laws that are in place that license individuals that are allowed to do Botox in the US.  At the very least, this will require people who give facial fillers and Botox and related treatment take a written exam before carrying out any of this work.