More and more men each year are obsessively taking care of their appearances…and it’s not just limited to skin creams.

Men all over Los Angeles and beyond are coming into clinics for units of Botox.

Lot’s of executive type men are wanting to stay ahead of the curve, and its no secret that appearances will help win that war.

A few weeks ago, we reported on the fact that more and more women in their 20s were getting Botox. We are seeing the same trend with men in the same age bracket, and beyond.

We spoke with James M (who wanted to remain anonymous) from Hollywood Hills, who stopped in for a Botox injection last week.

“Every time I moved my face, I would see signs of aging.  I had wrinkles all over my forehead from stress – and I wanted to get rid of them.  I saw all of my friends who didn’t take as good care of themselves as I did, but still looked better because they were less stressed.”

Which raises the next question: Is the answer to not stress as much?  I doubt most power-male executives will listen to that recommendation.

“It’s getting super affordable and I can be in and out faster than a tanning bed in most cases.  It’s discreet and no one has to know.”

“The first time I came into work after getting Botox, no one really noticed I had something done, but many people said I looked more rested – and someone said that I look ‘great’.”

It doesn’t just stop at appearances either – Botox has been shown to increase self esteem, confidence, and can even make people seem overall happier.

The numbers on the other hand tell a different story.

Reports have shown that Botox use is up for men, but mainly due to its use for underarm sweating.  Men don’t want to have to plaster on deodorant, wear undershirts and have to change shirts twice a day.  Feeling dry can also help with confidence, and that is just another secret weapon for men.