When you take the leap of finally deciding on getting Botox, you have one general fear that everyone who wants Botox has, and it’s that you’ll end up walking into the doctor’s office, see the physician, and they essentially look like a cartoon. However, that was until Erika Stalder of Yahoo! Beauty met a doctor who went by the motto, “If you can tell something has been done, then I’m not doing my job.” Cosmetic Surgeon, Alexander Rivkin not only does his own Botox injection on himself, but he actually uses an entirely new type of Botulinum toxin that goes by the name, “Micro-Botox.”

Botox in the United States

In 2013 alone, over 6.3 million Americans received Botox injections, making it the most popular (minimally invasive) treatment in the nation, and that’s according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. They know their stuff.

The Difference with Micro-Botox

Many people out there are cursed with large pores on their face, and these large pores can definitely make someone feel self-conscious. In an effort to get rid of those pores, you basically become the sponsor for skin care products from the drug store in an effort to shrink them, or at least keep them clean. Well, more often than not, you’re probably not receiving your desired effect with the lotions and face washes, and that’s where Micro-Botox comes into play.

It’s injected into the superficial layers of the skin, but in wrinkle free areas, so the:

  • T-Zone
  • Chin
  • Cheeks

Traditional Botox treatments aim to affect the muscle to nerve communication, which in turn minimizes the lines that have formed on one’s face. Micro-Botox however, tightens the enlarged pores which makes your skin look much smoother.

When Stalder received her Micro-Botox injections, she did mention how some of the “spongier” parts of the face hurt more than if she had received an injection between her eyes, but the pain was minimal and within minutes she noticed her pores had shrunk and her skin did look smoother. With traditional Botox, the overall affects take a few weeks.

Botox’s New Trick

Now whichever injection you choose, make sure you’re receiving them from an experienced cosmetic surgeon who has administered your choice before. Also be like Stalder, within her article she mentions how she straight up asked her doctor, “Do you shoot yourself up?” Because if the answer is yes and they don’t look similar to Jocelyn Wildenstein, you’ve found someone who knows that they’re doing.