A new 3-d technology that has been used in cars and space ships for ages can now be used to measure how well Botox is working.

This new technology called “3d speckle tracking photo-gram-metry” was recently cited in a very well known plastic surgery journal.

The article stated that it can not only be useful in elective procedures such as Botox but for other medical issues as well.

Here is how it works, the machine scans your face before and after and creates a 3d picture of your face. From there, doctors can analyze the effectiveness of the treatment, and the patient can also see if they got results as well.

Here is an example image:

Image credit to futurity.org under the Attribution 4.0 license

Image credit to futurity.org under the Attribution 4.0 license

I am not a doctor nor am I a scientist, but this definitely seems good to me.

Up until now the only way to tell if Botox worked or not, is to take a 2D photo of the face and do your best to assess. With this new procedure doctors will finally be able to tell if the Botox is actually reducing wrinkles or not.

This is also a great tool for people that are questioning the effectiveness of the Botox they’ve received.

I am not aware of any doctors in the Boca Raton area that are using this, but if anyone knows please let me know and I’d love to give a review.