Excessive urination.  Sweating.  Diabetes.  Is there anything that Botox can’t fix?  Can I swallow some to help me stop eating so much?

According to a recent article in the Journal of Dermatological Science, Botox has now been shown as a valid way of actually shrinking the oil gland in your face.  This will then cause the amount of oil on your face to be reduced, thus reducing acne caused by clogged pours.

The Journal performed a double blind study of about 20 people.  The Research clearly showed that Botox was able to reduce the oil production by 30% over 1 month.  In addition, it “normalized skin abnormalities” within some patients.  Overall, the average amount of pore reduction amongst the patients was about 18%.

In the study of those who had dry skin there was little change.  Those with oily skin resulted in a much smoother and clearer skin overall!

Always consult your dermatologist before moving forward with any procedure involving Botox.

We are sure that this new procedure will start popping up soon enough.

I would like to know if the people who have received Botox for wrinkle reduction have seen a reduction in acne overall?

Might be worth looking into.