Amy Childs, the star of a TV show called “The only Way is Essex” (I’ve never heard of it) has now admitted to having Botox.

Big deal you say, every celeb from Poughkeepsie to Los Angeles has had Botox.

“People say I’m putting the message out there to have Botox and boobs done. Not at all. So what if I like to look glamorous with make-up? I’ve got a business empire – I’m not on the streets taking drugs.” says Childs

Amy stated that her looks wasn’t important up until how.  Since she turned 18 she’s had 2 boob jobs and Botox several times a year.

“I like being glamorous and putting my make-up on, but people think I wake up looking like that. I had Botox on TOWIE, but that was just for the show.”

But the crazy thing is, now she created this insane campaign to keep girls away from Botox.  She says she does not want girls to look like her.

“Girls say, ‘Oh my God, I want to look like that,’ but I tell them it’s all about how you feel and looking after yourself – things like skincare, not putting fillers all over your face. I want to teach girls that it is important to look after yourself and pamper your skin with facials and massages.”

So let me get this straight Amy.  The cause you are promoting is helping young girls get massages and facials?

Still seems a little shallow to me?

How about helping girls with their weight?

Amy runs her own salon and regularly turns away clients.  They have a spray tan booth and turned away a 9 year old.  “NO WAY” they told the little girl.

She says her age limit is 16 years old for a Brazilian wax.

21 is her limit for Boobs.