Over the past years I’ve learned so much about Botox. Running a blog dedicated to Botox has put me in a position to read about every new trend in Botox and facial injectibles that happens from Boca Raton to Belgium.

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One of these trends I’ve been hearing about here in Boca lately has been “preventative Botox.” This might sound like another ploy, but hear me out. The first question you might be asking is “Why use Botox if you don’t have wrinkles?” Which was my initial objection as well. If you think about Botox and wrinkle reduction in general from a scientific perspective, it makes the explanation sound a bit more reasonable. The way Botox works for anyone, be it an 18 year old boy or a 60 year old man is this: it weakens the muscles in the face which makes it difficult to create facial expressions that causes the face to “wrinkle.” In essence, Botox really doesn’t get rid of wrinkles, it removes the ability for your face to make the expression to create them.

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So if I have a wrinkle between my eyebrows and I make a “frown face” if I had Botox when I “frowned” those wrinkles are still there, but they won’t show because I physically can’t move those muscles. Now, over time the more you make these expressions the deeper and more accentuated your face will become. For instance, if you constantly have the “raised eyebrow” look like a lot of people do over time those wrinkles will become more deeply embedded into your face. Things such as poor skin car, lots of sun, and tanning will make these wrinkles even worse.

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The way preventative Botox works is this: by injecting small amounts of Botox into your face, it eliminates the possibility that your face will wrinkle. The goal with preventative Botox is not to freeze your face completely, but minimize the possibility of wrinkles embedding into your skin over time.

Men and women are seeking the “frozen look” less and less these days. While Botox is still a very popular trend in Boca Raton, people are more looking to have their wrinkles minimized then completely.

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In a recent interview with Allure magazine, it came out that Ashley Iaconetti from Bachelor in Paradise is another believer in doing preventative Botox.

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