Botox scandals are at it again!

One man recently went to a San Diego med spa and received over 60 units of Botox, and took off out the door without paying.

“He made eye contact with me, and gave me an eerie feeling, could tell something odd was going to happen, and he just ran out that door,” Katie Hamp of Esthetica stated to the news.

Apparently he filled out the new patient information, with all fake information. Things such as:

  • his name
  • address
  • phone number
  • emergency contact
  • employer

Was all fake, in hopes they wouldn’t track it down. He wrote down on the form that he worked for Qualcom, but no one with the name that he gave worked there. The patient also told the Doctor that he just moved from Irvine, CA and is looking to do treatment more frequently.

“He knew everything about Botox, so it wasn’t like the first time he was getting it,” Dr. Kouli said.

The doctor stated that they chatted about sports and that he was a well spoken and well dressed man. The procedure took just under a half hour.

The doctor joked to the news:

“The only problem is, no one is going to know him now, because he’s going to look so good after I did his Botox!” Dr. Kouli said.

We are still waiting on the surveillance tapes, and will post his picture as soon as we get it.