We thought we would put together a short history of FDA approvals for various Botox uses:

In 1990, they approved Botox to treat uncontrollable blinking as well as misaligned eyes.

Fast forward to 2000, they approved Botox for treatment of dystonia, that causes contractions in the neck and shoulder.

The next year, 2001 the FDA approved Botox for cervical dystonia, which causes “head tilting” as well as spasms in the neck.

In 2002, the FDA finally approved Botox for aesthetic use to reduce frown lines in the face.

2 years later the FDA ok’d the use of Botox for underarm sweating.

6 years after that, Botox was approved to treat muscle stiffness, and that same year they approved Botox for chronic migraines.

This year, 2013 Botox was approved for urinary incontinence.

If I missed anything, let me know!


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