logo 2 boca skin blog

Since we are now back with a new name, we also need a new logo. We jumped the gun a bit and chose the first logo that we loved, but have recently been getting a few more options. Please help us choose either option A or option B.

Option A is the one we are currently using on our site. It is simple, playful and is my personal favorite.

boca skin blog logo

Option B was recently sent to us from a designer friend of mine and I think really drives home the “facial injections” theme of the website:

logo 2 boca skin blog

Personally I am really thinking option A, since we do also talk about laser, IPL and other skin / beauty stuff but I just don’t know. Hit us up on Twitter and let us know what you think or shoot us an email.

Update: we also posted this on Imgur so hopefully we will get a few more updates.

About Eva Wilkinson

Eva Wilkinson is an avid health and beauty blogger and loves to write about Botox, facial fillers, and laser hair removal. Eva lives in Boca Raton and owns 2 basset hounds.

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