I am new to the area and am really looking to reach out to new people and make new friends. While I don’t get Botox myself, it is something I do see myself doing once I reach my late twenties. Some basic information:

  • I will be inviting a physician from our approved Boca Raton Botox licensed physicians list
  • Party will be hosted in a home that will allow 5-10 guests
  • Party will be anonymous i.e. I won’t post names or photos from the party
  • Botox will be priced per-unit and will try to negotiate a good deal / bulk rate

Right now I’d like to shoot for mid to late June.  If I can get 5 signups from women (or men) from the Boca Raton area that want to do at least 1-2 areas each I know I can convince a Doctor to come. I’ve already formed relationships with several doctors from this list and it shouldn’t be a problem.

(and no, there will not be alcohol served, I just liked that photo. It is probably illegal to serve alcohol where there is a medical procedure taking place)

If you are interested in hosting the party, please indicate on the form.

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Any thoughts?