How many times have you looked at wrinkles throughout your face and body and wished that you could make them go away in the hopes that it would make you look younger?  You are not the only one! There is widespread belief in the world that eliminating wrinkles is a top aesthetic priority.  The good news is that there is a solution that is safe, affordable, and can fix this problem.  This solution is called Botox injections, and can be done on a somewhat regular basis so often as every three months.   The effects of Botox fade as time goes by, and how often injections are administered is a decision completely based on an individual patient’s preferences.  According to many doctors, over 82% of patients that were administered Botox injections note a major improvement in their wrinkles.

Many adults today utilize Botox injections in order to eliminate wrinkle lines on their faces or other parts of their bodies.  The most popular of all the places people use Botox on is the forehead.  However, elimination of wrinkles on “cow’s feet” and eyebrows are very popular as well.  Often, wrinkles are caused by facial movement and stress, among other things.  Aside from cosmetic uses, there are other uses of Botox such as, but not limited to, eradicating cervical dystonia.  Scientifically, Botox is the OnabotulinumtoxinA injection.  Currently, the Botox industry is a multi-billion dollar industry and is gaining more widespread usage each day.  Furthermore, it is the most common aesthetic procedure in America.  Botox injections are given by both cosmetic and non-cosmetic doctors everywhere, and are even given by some dentists.  The most important factor in determining qualifications of a Botox doctor is whether or not they are board certified.

Botox will allow for less makeup to be used over wrinkles, and give the patient a more natural aesthetic look.  In a time where piling on tons of makeup is frowned upon, no pun intended, it is easy for someone to see how a great Botox job can be priceless.  Many people are under the presumption that Botox is only used by older people, however many young people also utilize this process.  Botox is featured on many TV shows and in many movies lately, thus displaying its national use by people both old and young.  However, Botox is not only for celebrities and is very affordable.  Although, pricing is not standardized throughout the industry and varies based on the doctor who is performing the surgery.

Botox does not require any anesthesia, and is a procedure for which the patient will be out of the office on the same day treatment is administered.  Some patients report minor discomfort from Botox injections, but nothing major.  Some of this minor discomfort can include feeling tightness in the skin of the area where the Botox was performed.  However most patients feel that the minor discomfort is nothing when considering the positive effects Botox has.  We hope to see you in our office for Botox soon!