A recent Los Angeles press release via Guardian UK has revealed that Botox could be a possible remedy for depression and altering moods in personal relationships.

Recent studies have shown that there may be a link between the aesthetic appearance of Botox and the way a person feels.

“In my experience, there is a positive correlation between receiving a Botox treatment and a patient’s mood,” says Dr. Ourian, the Medical Director of Epione Beverly Hills, Los Angeles. “Maybe it is nothing more than feeling good for having done something nice for oneself. But it’s a real benefit nonetheless.” reports Dr. Ourian.

Treatments such as Botox have definitely shown to make people at least seem happier.  Research says this is mainly due to the positive reinforcement that people receive after receiving Botox from their peers.  Facial features that make a person appear to be stressed out such as frown lines, eyebrow lines can often times be misinterpreted by people.  A more relaxed appearance may make a person seem much more happy, and will be reciprocated as such from their peers as well.

“A lot has been written about this topic lately,” says Dr. Ourian. “The writer of this article seems to believe that the aesthetic medicine practitioners like me have co-opted the latest research to deny the legitimacy of a woman’s feelings. This is false and, frankly, insulting to any physician dedicated to helping men and women feel better about themselves.”

More will be revealed.  There is no doubt that Botox gives people a general boost in their self esteem, but only medical research will reveal weather or not Botox can make a person happier.