Soon to be Mom Kim Kardashian is finding out for herself that pregnancy isn’t easy, or glamorous!

Kim is very adament about wanting to be completely “hair free” which she made happen through many expensive hair removal treatments in downtown Hollywood Los Angeles.

Reporters from sources such as TMZ and physicians are reporting that the hair growth is due to her hormones.  Kim (as well as her sisters) are known for zapping every hair follicle on her body.

Ms Kardashian went to Los Angeles laser hair removal physicians to be hair free, and she wanted it to be permanent!

Let’s see if Kim feels the need to in for more treatments, or if any hair regrowth occurs.  We shall also see if her sisters decide to follow in her footsteps of hairlessness.


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Eva Wilkinson is an avid health and beauty blogger and loves to write about Botox, facial fillers, and laser hair removal. Eva lives in Boca Raton and owns 2 basset hounds.

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