More often than not, television is mirrored from reality; the important thing to keep in mind is that it’s usually a heightened version of reality. In a recent Netflix series titled, The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmitdt, which was produced by Tina Fey, they poked fun at a notorious Hollywood Botox Doctor, whom the media had nicknamed, “The Baron of Botox.”

Celebrity Plastic surgery

A side by side comparison of the character from the Netflix series, and Dr. Fredric Brandt.

Dr. Frederic Brandt, the supposed inspiration for the doctor on the show, was reportedly devastated upon seeing the comparison, and he committed suicide in his Coconut Grove home in Miami, FL. Brandt was said to have suffered from severe depression – something he had been battling most of his adult life, and the show pushed him over the edge, according to his publicist.

Famous Botox Doctor Commits Suicide

Brandt had several publicists in his circle, one of them outright blaming the show for devastating the doctor enough to take his life, the other mentioning that the show was not the cause, but it didn’t help the demons he was battling. According to one of these publicists, Jacquie Tractenberg, she mentioned to The Week, an online publication,

“The show didn’t help. It was mean and he felt bullied. It was mean spirited picking at the way he looked for no reason at all, but he suffered from depression far before that.”

Now, after taking a look at Dr. Brandt and seeing the character from the Netflix series, the comparisons are there, but what gave Brandt his “signature look,” were a lot of facial fillers and Botox injections that gave him the stereotypical “Botox face,” The same face that several celebrities and average Joe’s have achieved with years of sessions and injections. There’s nothing wrong with receiving facial fillers and Botox injections, if there were, they wouldn’t be FDA approved. They just need to be done in moderation.