Well well well Ms O’Neal.  So you thought you could go get some Botox without us knowing about it.

We think NOT.

Tatum’s face dramatically changed recently after one of our Los Angeles Botox consultants had a look at her face.

“You can clearly see that the lines in her face have smoothed out.  Particularly the areas around her forehead and lips are much smoother.” reports our Los Angeles Botox Doctor.

“We also think sh has had a chemical peel and possibly some Juvederm (in addition to Botox.) says the LA Botox Consultant.

The chemical peel is easy to spot because her skin has a much more elastic and shiny look than it did before.

Just look at this pics:

Tatum O'Neal 2012 (left) 2013 after Botox (right)

Tatum O’Neal 2012 (left) 2013 after Botox (right)

Tatum is a great example of a celebrity who didn’t “over do it” with Botox.

Time after time we see celebs looking like insane surgery victims after a day at the spa.

Tatum is a great example of getting a little bit of Botox in moderation.

She looks beautiful, refreshed and relaxed.