If you thought Boca had some crazy Botox stories let me tell you about a place I like to call….well, China.

This 30 year old Chinese lady was recently picked up for her “alleged” part in a medical spa scam. She used Botox, hyaluronic acid as well as hormone injections and it was all done out of a 5 star hotel room in Hung Hom.

When the cops arrived at their “office” they took drugs and equipment. The bust happeened after a newspaper report stated that this operation was luring well-off “mainland” women to a 5 day beauty package.

The scammers went as far as making fake operating rooms in the hotel, offices and other med-spa-like features. The total cost of the package came out to be about $6000 USD (38,00 yuan) for the base package and were up-charged as much as $160,000 USD (1 million yuan) for these illegal services.

In addition to Botox, fake doctors and medical assistants had not only injected Botox but were doing plastic surgery as well. In a hotel room!

The woman who was the leader of the gang was charged with conspiracy to practice medicine without a license and was detained in jail for the time being.

What in the world is this world coming to!