Yup, its disgusting.

No wonder we live in a country where no one can get insurance and the most basic procedures cost enormous amounts of money.

People are now scamming their insurance companies to get Botox for cosmetic purposes.

About a year ago, Botox was approved for a disorder known as hyperhydrosis.

Hyperhidrosis is a disorder that causes people to excessively sweat.  Nothing can really stop it, and there are very few treatments to minimize the effects.

This disorder is really a “first world problem” being that it is really more an annoyance than anything else.

How People Are Scamming for Free Botox

Basically what people are doing is telling their doctors that they can’t stop sweating.  They go in to their doctors office and give all the symptoms of hyperhidrosis.  The doctor will then give them a diagnosis of hyperhidrosis.

Once the diagnosis has been given, insurance will generally cover it.

The problem is, people are saying that the sweating is mainly in their face in order to get the injections in their face.

And it is happening.

Being in LA and talking to a lot of people about Botox, I see this a lot.