Poor poor Joan Rivers.  We have reported on her numerous times in the past few months:

Gwyneth saying that Botox made her look like “Joan Rivers”

Jennifer Garner saying the same thing about Joan Rivers.

Joan Rivers Reply about Gywneth Paltrow ‘s Comments

And now Joan Rivers and Michael Lohan are in a ruthless battle with each other and making some very low blows.

It all started when Lindsay Lohan was the butt of Joan’s jokes about her being a drug addict.  Michael did not like this so much so he started talking about her looks, plastic surgery and self mutilation.

Joan Rivers has now been quoted saying, “”It’s a little too late to become a concerned parent.” regarding his defense of Lindsay.

She was also not happy about the mutilation comments, “It’s totally not true and if he ever says this again, I will sue.” in true Hollywood form.

Not so sure Mr. Lohan will be able to keep his mouth shut, but I’m sure we will see a response any minute now.

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