Recently there has been a lot of negative press concerning Botox and its links to depression and sadness. Although these reports seem to be legitimate, there is actually little to no evidence that Botox causes or contributes to any sort of depression. Botox makes people feel better about the way that they look and often has the opposite affect when it comes to altering the mood of the person who is using it.  This is particularly important to people who reside in Los Angeles, where Botox and other fillers are becoming increasingly popular.

migraines botox


One of the most profound benefits of Botox treatments is the proven effect that it’s had on individuals who suffer from migraine headaches. If you’ve ever had a migraine, you know how stifling they can be. Migraines produce the sort of pain that makes you stop in your tracks and leaves you unable to complete day-to-day tasks. When Botox is injected into the shoulders, neck or forehead it subsequently reduces pressure in those areas-which are major contributors to migraine headache pains. Receiving Botox injectables for migraine pain is a procedure that has been backed up by a number of reputable studies as well as approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. Needless to say, reducing the amount of excoriating pain that a person has to undergo would never lead them to feel more depressed. In fact, many of the studies that have been done suggest that as clients who receive Botox in Los Angeles to treat migraines start to feel less pain, their overall disposition is positively affected.

Muscle Aches

Following the same logic that applies to Botox as it is used to reduce migraine headache pain, doctors started noticing that the injections help relieve muscle aches as well. There is an entire group of people in Los Angeles who now receive Botox injections in order to relieve their muscle pain that stems from a number of different causes; car accidents, sports injuries, genetic problems and more. The relief that is provided enables people to live healthier and in turn, happier lives. The Mayo Clinic has confirmed that Botox can be used to effectively decrease arthritis pain and the manufacture of Botox has implemented a financial assistance program to people who suffer from Dystonia, a disorder that causes devastatingly painful muscle spasms.


Miscellaneous Disorders

Botox is also used to treat a wide range of disorders that affect the happiness and well-being of a wide range of individuals. For example, Botox has been approved for Strabismus, otherwise known as Lazy Eye. Strabismus can be life altering and cause people to get ridiculed and even shunned from certain social groups and therefore receiving Botox treatments to remedy this ailment is a great way to improve a person’s quality of life. Botox is also used to help people regain function in their facial tissue after suffering from a stroke.

It’s obvious that when used for the right purposes, Botox in no way causes depression or negatively affects a person’s mood. If you are considering Botox to treat any of the above ailments, speak with a professional and get the help that you need.