The recent Apprentice Star Dr. Leah Totton has one goal if she wins the Apprentice: to open a franchise of Botox Clinics throughout the United States.  Everyone here at Botox LA is in full support of Dr Totton and wants to wish her all of the success in the world.

Leah is up against Luisa Zissman in the upcoming finale of the Apprentice.

Unfortunately Leah has been plagued by nasty internet trolls who are taunting her about not being a Doctor (she is) and about her looks.

What a bunch of haters!

haters gonna hate

She has been absolutely devastated by all of these internet trolls, who are obviously just looking for attention for themselves.

She has also been approached by every creep coming out of the woodwork with requests for nude photos in front of the camera.

So what if there are photos of her on some beach.  Is she not entitled to some fun in a bathing suit? Sorry , we all can’t be as miserable as Donald Trump in  a 3 piece suit in 90 degree weather.

There were several back-and-forth’s between Leah and the trolls, throughout this week but we won’t give them the satisfaction of posting them here.

Dr Leah Totton = Licensed Doctor

Just for the record: Dr Leah Totton is licensed by the General Medical Council.

If she wins, she plans on opening up a series of Botox Clinics as well as offering other cosmetic injections.

For anyone who is even slightly business savvy, Botox Clinics = $$ right now.  They are hot and now is the best time to jump

An Apprentice source revealed: “Leah is currently ­working in a London A&E. She has two weeks of training left and will be fully qualified before the potential investment in her business comes from Lord Sugar. She has checked her business plan with the GMC.”

The Apprentice source also added: “Leah is a qualified Dr (MBBS) and we strongly refute any suggestion to the contrary.”

leah totton botox

Dr Leah Totton is gorgeous and professional


leah totton general medical council regristration

actual proof that Leah Totton is a for real Doctor

 The Apprentice final is airing tonight (Wednesday the 17th) at 8pm EST on BBC.