Yea, this is Botox LA – we are celebrity obsessed.  Especially Jersey Shore cast members.  Vinny, Snooky, Mike, Jwoww – the whole crew.

When I was watching a commercial the other day and saw Jwoww looking so fresh and clean, I knew that she must had some Botox.  So we started our usual investigation:

The year was 2009, Jwoww was a young lady and a virgin…well, a Botox virgin anyway:

jwoww 2009

Jwow in 2009, at this point it appears she has had little to no Botox

As the years progress, we clearly see Jwoww has started getting Botox and other injectibles in her face:

Jenni "JWOWW" Farley jwoww july 2013 jwoww may 2012

Jwoww Botox Before and After:

jwoww before and after


One final warning Jwow  – be careful! It is clear you’ve had cheek implants, breast implants, liposuction and all sorts of different procedures.  Please be careful sweetheart we love you!