If you take a quick look at VP Joe Biden, it is clear that he’s had some work done.

And why wouldn’t he?  He’s the freaking Vice President of the United States.

All the current talk in the press right now is about Joe Biden having a hair transplant.  While this does appear to be true (and he has admitted it) we are focusing more on the fact that he has clearly had some form of Botox or other facial injection.

First off, we look at the top of his head.  It is clear he’s had some sort hair transplant done in the past few months.  His hair is now much more fuller and looks a lot better.  Rush Limbaugh even called him “PLUGS” which we thought was hilarious.

As for Joe Biden and the Botox, he’s denied any and all allegations that the vice president has had Botox.

Nevertheless, a respectable plastic surgeon looked at before and after photos of VP Joe Biden and has concluded with 100% certainty that he has had some kind of facial filler/injectable such as Botox or Dysport.

David Castillo, a respected cosmetic specialist noted this observation:
“Joe Biden’s forehead and his eyes look stiff and sleepy—which could mean that this politician has undergone Botox treatments.”
A professor from the University of Maryland confesses:
It’s a little strange that nothing moves from the eyes on up…if Biden did get Botox injections, it’s nothing to be ashamed about. More and more males have been purchasing the treatment for the past decade. Plus, it’s proven to improve physical appearance. So why deny it? It’s a new age and time is moving quicker than it used to. Nowadays, people want to prolong their youth as much as they can, and Botox is a good way to do that. “

No one really knows the truth, but anyone who can compare two photographs can clearly see he has had some work done.

Politicians have been denying things about their personal lives ever since there was such a thing as a politician.  Just last week the president of Georgia was impeached after having spent government money on having pricey Botox procedures done.

It is not really good press for a politician to admit to having a procedure such as Botox or a hair transplant.  On the other hand, it’s not great for a politician to look 10 years older than he or she is.  We see why politicians want to have Botox.  Anyone can look at the pictures below and clearly see the difference between the two photos.

The first picture shows a very well rested, younger, and happier man that is confident in the photo.

The second photo shows a very stressed out, older and even miserable version of the Vice President.


The pics don’t lie, judge for yourself:

joe biden 2

joe biden hair transplant

In this video Dennis Miller is hating on Joe Biden and Nanci Peloci for having had some form of cosmetic surgery. When asked about if Nanci Peloci has had cosmetic procedures, Dennis Responded: “No, she’s just in a perpetual wind tunnel,” which he sarcastically meant that she has indeed had Botox.

We’re not mad at you Mr. Biden, we just want to know what’s going on and how many unit’s you’ve had!

Stay tuned for more info. We are hoping that Mr. Biden will speak up more on this matter soon!