Ok, first off these apples don’t actually have Botox in them, or have anything to do with Botox at all.

These genetically modified apples were simply named “Botox Apples” due to the fact that they do not bruise or wrinkle (kind of like your face) and were similar to the proprieties of a human face after Botox.

Anyway – we thought since it has the word Botox in it, we’d report on it 🙂

Pending FDA and Dept of Argiculture approval, Americans could be biting into much juicer apples very soon.

Currently Granny Smith and Golden Delicious Apples have been under review by the FDA and other agencies that could be the second GMF or “genetically modified fruit” to hit the shelves in the US.

“Not only do they have significant potential to reduce food waste, the resistance to browning results in better taste, texture and likely a retention of healthful components like vitamin C and antioxidants, which are typically burned up in the browning reaction,” Joel Brooks, marketing specialist at Okanagan, told the Washington Times.

Apples contain enzymes that cause them to turn brown after a few minutes, this genetic modification could make apples last much longer.

Things like this could literally help cure world hunger, if executed properly.

We are really hoping to see this passed, and for scientific research to continue working on great projects such as this.