Lets get one thing out in the open – Botox is a deadly poison.  Although it is deemed safe by the FDA, no one really knows what is going to happen to people over the long term.

When you use Botox in your face, you use microscopic amounts of the drug.  Simply change up the formula a little bit – bang, dead.

In a recent news article, the Consumer Medicine Ministry of Health (New Zealand’s version of the FDA) warns that Botox may be able to spread from where it was injected to other parts of the body.  This could cause life threatening siutaitons such as difficulties swallowing or even respiratory problems.

The manufacturer of Botox also lists other common side effects right on their website:

  1. numbness of the injection area
  2. drooping eye lids
  3. blurred vision
  4. double vision
  5. difficulty speaking
  6. (there is more)

So why do people keep doing it?

Most folks continue to use Botox because they do not have these side effects, nor do any of their friends.

So why the big deal?

We think that there are people out there that just want to start trouble.  Although there have been rare reports of death from Botox, there are also rare reports of death from bananas, plastic, and even water.

Botox must be stored properly, injected by a professional, and transported properly in order to be deemed safe, and that is where the confusion lies.

Dr Misra is a top scientist who specializes in neurology in New Zealand.  He agrees that there could be long term effects from Botox in the human brain and he stated that we are really not sure what the long term effects are of Botox on the muscles or on the nervous system.

This raises another question – if just a little Botox can be that dangerous, what about all of these Los Angeles women that get Botox done every few months (or more)?

The problem is, no one is monitoring it.  There are no studies, and doctors really do not ask for feedback on a regular basis.

Our suggestion would be for doctors to perform a routine questioner on all patients before and after they inject Botox, and then do a check in after a few months.

All of this data should be then sent to a central database where scientists can analyze the data for signs of poison or other harmful effects that might not be able to be seen in a few patients in the short term.

Throughout Europe, there are people everywhere who want tighter regulation for Botox.  Same here in the US – we just had the report of the woman injecting Botox into here “patients” from her bathroom, right?

Until then, we caution everyone to make sure that the Botox they are getting is legit.

Make sure that it is properly stored and transferred.  And for God’s sake make sure you are getting it from a doctor!