Huge disclaimer here.  Despite the woman’s “good results” that she claimed in the video within this article you should never ever ever make the decision to to Botox at home, or on your own.

Doctors go through years of school in order to understand the intricacies of human physiology including skin density, muscle tissue, bone structure and more.

Just because this woman got lucky with some good results does not mean you should order Botox online and start pumping it into you.

There are also a ton of risks involved including diseases, contamination, and using bad Botox.

You can literally buy Botox anywhere online.  It is so scary knowing that there are websites that you can order Botox from and have it shipped to you in just a few days.

Be aware this is illegal.  The FDA does consider Botox to be a prescription medication.  Within the document, they described 6 sample cases where Doctors used some sort of fake Botox on their patients. In one case a doctor from Houston Texas injected more than 200 patients with fake Botox.  Another physician sold fake Botox through the mail to 100s of customers and was sentenced to 9 years in prison and over $300,000 in fines.

The FDA does not play.

The shortest prison term that I saw on the website was 27 months (over 2 years.)

It is just not worth it.

If you ever have any doubts about Botox simply call Allegran, the only approved manufacturer and distributor of Botox at 1-800-433-8871.  Simply ask for someone in the quality assurance department and give them the information listed on the box that the Botox is in.  They will immediately be able to verify the validity of the Botox.

Here is one site that we found in about 1 minute where we could actually place an order for Botox.  It appears to be shipped from Europe:

buy botox online


The scariest part about this is that NO ONE KNOWS WHERE THE “BOTOX” COMES FROM.  It could merely be a concoction of some serum put together in a Chinese lab by scientists looking to make a few dollars.

The only place to officially buy Botox from is Allegran.

You can get anything you need online to inject Botox including the needles and the markers used to mark the skin.  We found them on for just $20.

botox markers


Here are the snapshots from the video of Laurie Dalleva injecting herself with Botox or possibly Dysport.  She shows you how to mix it with saline solution and “proper” injection techniques:

botox at home

botox home DIY

botox inject home howto

do it yourself botox

woman botox home

There are also complete kits availble for purchase online, as described in this YouTube video “Botox Horror Stories” which have resulted in paralysis, bruising, and looking like a complete fool.

DIY botox at home kit

DIY botox at home

Botox Sites Being Shut Down

There have been a ton of websites taken down for selling illegal Botox, sometimes referred to as “Freeze.”  The government combined with internet domain registration companies and hosting companies have shut down 100s of companies in the past few years that sell illegal Botox and related products such as Juvederm and Restalyn. These websites are a danger to society and the people that use them

One website in particular, Discount Med Spa or was taken down in 2009 several violations.

Our staff here at was able to resurrect an old blog post on “howto inject Freeze (aka Botox) and general info” from their blog in 2009.

Here is the official press release from the takedown of Discount Medspa from 2009.  The FDA also released a publication on their own investigations of websites that sell fake Botox in 2009.

——–begin banned/archived blog post from———-

How to injexct Freeze and General Info

I am new to Discount Medspa and I have a few questions:
1) How do I keep my brow from drooping when I use Freeze (Botox)?
2) What type of experience does Laurie have and how can she sell these products? where do the products come from?
3) What is the best way to learn how to do these procedures?
4) I am wanting to do my lips and cheeks- any general advise to get the best results?

#1.  The way to keep from causing the brows to droop is not to inject too much Freeze under the eye brow or above the eye brow. It depends on how thick your eye brows are and how heavy they already hang down determines how much Freeze you should inject. Myself, I only use 2 to 3 units of Freeze above the corner end of my eyebrows and that is enough to lift my eyebrows higher. If you want them to go higher you may inject them under the eye brow with 2 to 3 units of Freeze and perhaps 2 units at the top of the eye brow on the end.

When you are injecting at the 11’s and inject in the Y area just above the the 11’s which is to the right and left across your face you will also cause your eye brows to lift. The trick is not to inject too much Freeze around your eye brows causing them to droop. Less is better, you can always go back a few days later and add more if they are not raised as high as you would them.

#2.  No, Laurie belongs to the Texas Medical Council and is licensed to sell these products to the women that want to use them and understand that it is their responsibility to use them safely. There are so many women that love her products that she has a great time keeping up with up with all of the orders. She had also worked for over 10 years doing injections at a Med Spa Company where they injected their patients so she is well qualified for the job.

#3.  The products that Laurie offers comes from the Ipsen Pharmaceutical Company and they are known world wide for their assurance of quality products.  

#4.   To become an experienced Injector you must first purchase a product and do this to your own face or to a family member or friend that is willing to let you learn. It is really quite easy to learn to inject your own face if you have your face numb and don’t feel any pricks of the needle to make you nervous. I recommend that you first begin with Freeze (like Botox) and some Emla Cream so that you don’t feel anything. Laurie will send you a Instructional Sheet of paper that shows you a face and it is marked exactly where you should inject the Freeze. This whole process will take you ten to twenty minutes according to how nervous you are. There really isn’t any reason to be nervous because the needle is a 30 guage needle which is the size of a Diabetic needle. It is about the width of a hair or just a pinch wider. To keep your face evenly injected I move from one side to the other making sure that I inject the same amount of Freeze to the same area on both sides looking straight into the mirror. You can see if you are injecting yourself evenly or not before you push the needle in. To inject your face put the needle against your skin and push it in gently instead of darting yourself. Don’t you hate it when the Nurses at the Hospital dart your arm for a Blood Test or an IV? I wish that they would just teach them to slide the needle in gently so as not to cause you any pain. This is how you should inject your face and you will become a Pro at injections. After your first two or three times of injecting yourself you will see that it is not hard at all.

#5.  Injectable fillers may be used to fill your cheeks with Vitalift Ultra Plus to plump up your cheeks so that you look like you did when you were younger. You may also use Vitalift Ultra Plus (which is like Sculptra) to fill in your lips. When filling in your lips be careful not to inject too much and remember less is best in the beginning or you may end up with Duck Lips. Be sure that you massage your lips to be sure that you don’t have any lumps or bumps inside or outside of your lips because this filler last for almost two years. If that happens you will have to lie in bed and massage your lips for about three nights in a row to move the filler around and out of the lips to make them go down. Keep in mind that there will be some swelling after your injection so if you think that the swelling is going down enough to be the size that you want them then don’t massage them. You have twenty-four hours after injection to be able to massage them the way thickness that you want them to be. I had to massage mine down some and I am now thrilled with the results.

    You may also inject under your eyes with Restylin to fill in the hollow of your eyes. I would first practice on the rest of my face because this is the hardest place to fill in and make it look nice. You need to massage it in evenly after injecting it so that you don’t have any lumps or bumps under your eyes. 

    Yes, you may fill in the tops of your hands preferably with Restylin because it is not as full as Vitalift and you can smooth it easier to make your hands look nice and refreshed. You must also massage the back of your hands to keep any lumps or bumps from appearing.

     As for filling in your sagging neck or neck lines I would recommend that you watch and watch how the Doctors do a Necklace line across the neck to tighten the skin under your chin. This should be done carefully and studied fully on before you begin to try this procedure.

     Whenever you want to look up a procedure on type in: Doctor injecting Neckline with Botox, or Injecting Botox, etc. You need to make it specific what you are looking for to see how it is done. Laurie has a lot of Video’s that she has performed on herself that are most helpful and you can watch them on the, her Web site and also on is another great site to learn how and where to inject. She has worked very hard to help us housewives to learn how to be beautiful both for ourselves and our better halves.

    Please don’t be afraid to order the Freeze first and use that around the upper part of your face and crows feet. You will see how simple it is to do and then you can do your smile lines next (I recommend with Vitalift Ultra Plus), that is the lines that go down from the side of your nose and around your mouth. Again, watch it being done on and do as they suggest. This is a very easy procedure and will take at least ten to fifteen years off of your face. Your face will be glowing with a smile that you can’t contain as you look into the mirror at your reflection. I have found the Freeze and doing my smile lines the most helpful in making me look younger and more beautiful. You may also consider a Chemical Peel if you have wrinkles under your eyes before you decide to use the Restylin under your eyes. I would recommend if you have thin wrinkles to begin with the Light Chemical Peel to erase your wrinkles for good.

    I hope that I have answered all of your questions and made the whole process seem easy enough for you to do it. My eighteen year old daughter stands beside me in awe and takes pictures of me on her IPhone to send the pictures to her friends to show them what her Mom is doing to herself. She says that she could it if she needed to but of course she doesn’t have any wrinkles. Oh, for the years below the age of thirty again. Good luck and please let us know how easily you found it to be to inject the Freeze after you purchase it. I am looking forward to hearing from you.

Sincerely Your Friend,

Tamm Lesley


——–end banned/archived blog post from———-

We did some more digging, and found out some more information about this shady website including the fact that it was owned and operated by the woman in the above photos injecting her own Botox.

In an question posted by a user on about the illegal Botox site, someone asked: “What has happened to the web site called Discount Medspa and who was running it?”

“These sites are brazenly circumventing regulations that protect consumers from bad or fake drugs and ensure that the chemicals are used correctly. The laws were designed precisely to prevent Americans with little to no medical training from doing things like buying a form of toxin, mixing it with saline and injecting it into their faces. Yet, precisely that appears to be possible with the help of”

Sites like these are now mostly hosted in foreign countries outside of the US, and are more scarce than they were back in 2009 but are still alive and well.

All you have to do is do a Google search for “buy botox online” or “at home Botox kits” and you will find a number of websites that are hawking Botox over the internet.

Our Facebook fan page was recently solicited for buying Botox online as well by a blatant solicitor.

Injecting Botox at Home is Dangerous and Stupid

Just don’t do it.

With the price of Botox as low as $9/unit in most major cities do yourself a favor and find a doctor to do it for you.

You wouldn’t consider doing a kidney transplant at home, right?

Time after time there are horror stories of people getting bad Botox.

Be smart, use a licensed medical professional.