A bunch of scientists here in Cali discovered a new type of Botox that could kill you.

Researchers from the CA Dept of Health found a new type of Botox protein they are calling “toxin H.”  This super deadly type of Botox could cause permanent paralysis or death.

The researchers are holding back on revealing the secret to the DNA sequence until a sure fire antidote can be formulated.

This new type of Botox could kill hundreds of adults with just a micro-drop of this stuff.

The biggest concern here is this stuff getting out.  By simply inhaling 1/13,000,000,000 of a gram, it could kill a fully grown adult man or woman.


Even more weird, this stuff was discovered in the feces of a child who had botulism.  That’s right, the new “toxin H” was found during a seemingly simple workup being done on a childs feces.  When scientists thought they found something new they forwarded the sample to the Department of Health for further testing.  It was then when “toxin H” was discovered.

For now, researchers are working with the US Army as well as Homeland Security to ensure that this stuff is kept under lock and key.

We are definitely keeping our ears perked up for this one.