Was recently watching the Today show when I realized what was about to happen: Carson Daly was about to get Botox and fillers on live TV.

The started out by interviewing him and the doctor about this, they talked about Juvederm as well as Botox and talked about the procedure itself.

The doctor used a half of a syringe on each side of Carson (for the fillers) then went onto the Botox.

It was a funny segment and overall really cool to see Botox being given on live TV like this.

They then moved onto Savannah, who I’m not sure who this actually is, someone famous I’m sure. She was the one that actually got the Botox, Carson only had the fillers done. So I apologize for the mixed up title.

The doctor really gave out some great information. She talked about how long it takes to kick in, if it hurts, how long it lasts and a lot more.

One point I thought was really cool that she brought up was the fact that